Mitsuba is maintained and developed by Wenzel Jakob. It is free software and can be redistributed and modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License (Version 3) as provided by the Free Software Foundation.

Remark: Being a "viral" license, the GPL automatically applies to all derivative work. Amongst other things, this means that without express permission, Mitsuba's source code is off-limits to those who develop rendering software not distributed under a compatible license.

Since Mitsuba is an academic project, its success and ongoing development vitally depend on citations in journal and conference articles. If you use Mitsuba in your own research, you are therefore highly encouraged (though not required) to cite it using the following BibTeX template:

   Author = {Wenzel Jakob},
   Year = {2010},
   Note = {},
   Title = {Mitsuba renderer}

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Example scenes  (please note that these are not covered by the GPL3 license) A Mitsuba conversion of the classic Cornell Box scene. Medieval city set imported from SketchUp via COLLADA (makes heavy use of instancing). The scenes are all courtesy of Johnathan Good (LordGood in the SketchUp 3D warehouse) and are redistributed with permission. Multiple importance sampling test — based on a scene by Eric Veach Bidirectional path tracing test scene — based on a scene by Eric Veach Manifold exploration test — based on a scene by Cline et al. Material preview scene by Jonas Pilo. The used environment map is courtesy of Bernhard Vogl Index-matched heterogeneous medium (generated using fsolver) Sponza atrium courtesy of Marko Dabrovic Cornell box with BSSRDF-based subsurface scattering Dragon model with BSSRDF-based subsurface scattering (courtesy of XYZRGB) Example scenes based on measured woven cloth samples — from Piti Irawan's PhD thesis "Appearance of Woven Cloth"

Scarf dataset from the paper "A radiative transfer framework for rendering materials with anisotropic structure" (153 MB)

The underlying simulation data is courtesy of Jonathan Kaldor, and the voxelization is courtesy of Manuel Vargas Escalante and Manolis Savva.