Mitsuba Renderer  0.5.0
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common.h File Reference
#include <mitsuba/core/ray.h>

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struct  mitsuba::PositionSamplingRecord
 Generic sampling record for positions. More...
struct  mitsuba::DirectionSamplingRecord
 Generic sampling record for directions. More...
struct  mitsuba::DirectSamplingRecord
 Record for solid-angle based area sampling techniques. More...






enum  mitsuba::ETransportMode { mitsuba::ERadiance = 0, mitsuba::EImportance = 1, mitsuba::ETransportModes = 2 }
 Specifies the transport mode when sampling or evaluating a scattering function. More...
enum  mitsuba::EMeasure {
  mitsuba::EInvalidMeasure = 0, mitsuba::ESolidAngle = 1, mitsuba::ELength = 2, mitsuba::EArea = 3,
  mitsuba::EDiscrete = 4
 A list of measures that are associated with various sampling methods in Mitsuba. More...

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