Mitsuba Renderer  0.5.0
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mitsuba::ProgressReporter Class Reference

General-purpose progress reporter. More...

#include <mitsuba/core/statistics.h>

Public Member Functions

 ProgressReporter (const std::string &title, long long total, const void *ptr)
void reset ()
 Reset the progress reporter to its initial state. More...
void update (long long value)
 Update the progress display. More...
long long getValue () const
 Return the current value. More...
void finish ()
 Finish. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void setEnabled (bool enabled)
 Enable/disable progress bars. More...
static bool isEnabled ()
 Check whether progress bars are enabled. More...

Detailed Description

General-purpose progress reporter.

This class is used to track the progress of various operations that might take longer than, say, a second. It provides interactive feedback on both the console binaries and within Mitsuba's Qt-based GUI.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mitsuba::ProgressReporter::ProgressReporter ( const std::string &  title,
long long  total,
const void *  ptr 

Construct a new progress reporter. 'ptr' is a custom pointer payload to be submitted with progress messages

Member Function Documentation

void mitsuba::ProgressReporter::finish ( )


long long mitsuba::ProgressReporter::getValue ( ) const

Return the current value.

static bool mitsuba::ProgressReporter::isEnabled ( )

Check whether progress bars are enabled.

void mitsuba::ProgressReporter::reset ( )

Reset the progress reporter to its initial state.

static void mitsuba::ProgressReporter::setEnabled ( bool  enabled)

Enable/disable progress bars.

void mitsuba::ProgressReporter::update ( long long  value)

Update the progress display.

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